Migrate WordPress Website to a New host


Migrate WordPress Website to a New host


1st GB is charge at $30
Next 4 GB will be charge at $15/gb
Subsequent GB will be charge at $10/gb

*example if you have 10gb to transfer to a new host

1st GB – $30
Next 4GB – $15×4=$60
Final 5 GB – $10×5=$50

Total will be $140

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  • File less than 5GB will take 2-3 working days
  • File more than 5GB will take 2 extra working days per 5GB

Details required

  • Domain registrar link, username and password
  • Existing host link, username and password
  • New host link, username and password
  • Domain to transfer

Other services

  • Express service
  • Transfer during night time only
  • Transfer during weekend only
  • Kindly please email us for a quote.


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