Google Sheets works exactly like excel however it is online and enable you to share between users and allowing users to edit or view only.

Using a Google spreadsheet to manage your information is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Reliable – You can easily manage your data without worrying about server issues, vanishing storage, scaling, or unnecessary bandwidth costs. Keep track of edits and restore earlier versions when needed with Google Spreadsheet’s Revision History. Without having to focus on maintenance, you can instead focus on creating great content.
  • Easy – A spreadsheet interface is simple to update. If you want to add a new item, just add a new row. Need to make an update to a single item? Edit the item in the spreadsheet, hit the sync button, and the changes will be reflected on your WordPress site.
  • Sharable – With Google Spreadsheets you can have multiple editors of your data without having to grant admin access to your WordPress site. Share the URL of your spreadsheet or invite specific users to edit, contribute, manage, and upkeep your data.
  • Convenient – Access and update your spreadsheet from any device that supports Google Spreadsheets. This means you can manage your data using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Publish all your changes at once by clicking the sync button.
  • Flexible – Want to use an existing .csv? Just copy and paste your data into the appropriate columns in our spreadsheet template.
  • Powerful – If you’re a developer, you can take advantage of Google Spreadsheets API. Use a script to add data from another source or to edit data in bulk.