provides the below services;

  • Contest forms data entry into excel
  • Lucky draw forms data entry into excel
  • Name cards details into excel
  • There are too many to list … email us instead

This is how we count by characters by excel;

sample of charcters count

Data Entry (Excel)$4.00 / 1,000 CharactersDocuments must be pack in a neat, tidy and ready to process manner in boxes

*Min order $500/order
Up to 35,000 characters / working day
Data Entry (Online system)Please email to provide system access including username and password so we can give you an accurate quoteUp to 35,000 characters / working day depending on the speed of the system
Carton Box$8.00 / BoxDimension (L x W x H): 405mm x 354mm x 300mm
Weight: 900 gram
5-7 working days
Collection / Delivery$60 / Trip (Non CBD area)
$75 / Trip (CBD area)
Documents must pack in boxes1 Working day prior to book
Data Extraction$0.30 / fieldExample: Name is 1 field, address is 1 field and etc
(Directory, website or etc)
Clear instructions must be provided
(Min Order $900.00)
Up to 2,000 fields / working day
Renaming scan documents$4.00 / 1,000 CharactersDocuments must pack in boxesUp to 3,000 documents / working day
Scanning documents$180/1000 x A4 documentsDocuments must pack in boxes

*Min order $500/order
Up to 3,000 documents / working day
Sorting$60 / 1,000 papersArranging documents in a ready to process in bundles of 100
Min order $500/order
Up to 5,000 documents / Working day
Shredding$60 / 1,000 papersMin Order $180.
Documents must be pack in a tidy and neat manner or else a sorting fee of $60/1000papers will be charge